Our Story...

A Most Unique Boutique...

   Chantelle’s Bridal offers gowns

          as varied as the flowers in a garden, 

           and beautiful as Jack Frost’s pictures

                        on your cold winter windows

We consider it a privilege to help our clients realize

that they really can live their dreams!  We offer a 

sunning array of inventory from sizes 0 to 30+ from

our unique designers EddyK, Moonlight and Adiago.


In short, we carry lines that focus on


             uniquness, and a little bit of

                    romantic Boho.

Our Favorite Memories...

We will never forget the faces of brides after we have spent

several hours trying on gowns, narrowed the selection

down to the top three gowns, then she tries them all on for the last time.  When one of those gowns slips over her shoulders and we get it done up, nestle a veil in her hair, then step back to watch as the excited, shy glow gradually turns her into a blushing bride. She anxiously makes her entrance into the family room where her friends and loved ones see what she sees ... a lovely bride in the Dress of Her Dreams!!!.  This image is burned into our memories.


Our wedding advice..

 Be true to yourself, listen to your heart and enjoy the entire process. Your wedding will unfold as it will and know that it will be perfect because you are celebrating your love.

A Most Unique Boutique

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