Our Story...

She began her life as Cinderella’s Secret in downtown Mount Vernon.  Now, seven years later, she has grown up into our beautiful Chantelle’s Bridal located on “The Boulevard” in Burlington, WA.  














We welcome all of Chantelle's clients with the same warmth and joy we would have if they were entering our home.  Making memories for our clientele is a passion for everyone at Chantelle’s – memories we hope our brides and their families and friends will cherish for many years.  Although we are in the business of selling gowns, clients will often hear proprietor, Jan Roxstrom, exclaim that it's not about selling a dress, it’s about helping each lady realize how beautiful she is and that it’s her beauty that makes the gowns glow. 


A Most Unique Boutique...

Chantelle’s Bridal offers gowns

          as varied as the flowers in a garden, 

           and beautiful as Jack Frost’s pictures

                        on your cold winter windows

                       and as refreshing as a spring rain.

We take great care to offer sizes from 0 to 30 in our

stunning array of inventory by unique designers

EddyK, Moonlight, and Adiago.   We consider it a

privilege to help our clients realize that they really

can live their dreams!

843 S. Burlington Blvd, Burlington, WA 98233

A Most Unique Boutique

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843 S. Burlington Blvd.

Burlington, WA  98233

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