Our Favorite Memories...


We never forget the faces of each bride 

                          after we have spent several hours trying on gowns,

                                    narrowed the selection down to the top three gowns,

                                                then she tries them all on for the last time. 


               When we slip one of those gowns

                         over her shoulders

                               get it done up, and

                                              nestle a veil in her hair,


                        Then step back to watch

                              as the excited, glow of a shy woman

                                    gradually turns into the blushing radiance of a bride.


                                       She anxiously makes her entrance into the family room

                                               where her friends and loved ones see what she sees ...

                                                           a stunning bride in the Dress of Her Dreams!!!.  


                This image is burned into our memories.






Our heartfelt advice..

   Be true to yourself,

       listen to your heart and

             enjoy the entire process.

Listen to advice, weigh it carefully, then go with your heart!!!