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What can you expect when you visit Chantelle's Bridal?

Jan and the Chantelle team will spend as much time as you need to look at our wide range of gowns.  Then we will help you focus on what features you prefer, which gowns meet those preferences, then finding the perfect dress to complete the magic of your visit.  


Visits often take two or more hours, so we encourage you to make an appointment and we also encourage you to bring your family and/or entourage since this always adds an exciting element to your visit.  Regardless of how many people come with you, however, we always keep you, the bride, first and foremost in our minds and our hearts.  We know full well how thin the ice of confidence is for a newly engaged lady and how difficult it is to imagine oneself walking down the isle in one of these stunning gowns.  We are adept at balancing the likes and dislikes of the entourage with those of the bride, thus helping all of them embrace the bride’s dream –our ultimate goal. 


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